With literally a couple of days left to grab the 3 instalment payment plan for my May 2017 retreat, heaps of you have been asking what do you get from spending time with me on retreat in Cornwall if I’m not sticking tiny needles in you?! See below…


The three instalment payment plan is only available until end of November + ALL places MUST be booked by end of December! So if you’re still on the fence, read on…



+ five elements in Chinese Medicine
+ seasonal and organ associations
+ fire, earth, metal, water and wood
+ five element food
+ element personality types
+ identify which Element is your type



+ know there is nothing about you that “needs to be fixed”

+ have full permission to be your true self

+ see why you have repeating patterns of behaviour in your life, that you can’t seem to break (yet!)

+ embrace your Element to embrace your whole self – the weird parts and the beautiful parts

+ celebrate your differences and understand how they come from your particular Element

+ identify where you and your Element need support – emotionally, physically, food wise

+ give yourself ultimate self care, self development, self help, self love



+ finally heal from that bad break up, knowing it was purely to do with the interaction of your two Elements, nothing personal

+ understand your tricky boss on a different level by getting their Element lowdown, to make working with them way easier

+ make your relationship weatherproof by knowing what your partner’s Element needs (yours too!)

+ realise the reason why you clash with your parent or sibling is ALL to do with their Element, learn to navigate these relationships differently for the benefit of all

+ give your children the gift of understanding their needs at the deepest level of their Element, helping them to grow emotionally and physically


+ handouts / workbooks
+ meditations and affirmations
+ goodie bags
+ tea breaks with snacks
+ comfy relax spaces with sea views
+ coaching techniques to work WITH your Element, harness its powers to your advantage


This is a beautifully supportive + intimate retreat, with limited numbers, so that you can ask me anything + work on anything that comes up for you during the workshops… Plus food, accommodation + spa access is all included…


Get more details on the CORNWALL RETREAT + booking links with payment plans here: https://goo.gl/info/Z4NmJ1

If you don’t yet know which Element you might be, get my FREE Five Element ebook here: https://goo.gl/NTmEF9

See more about the Five Element personality types in my Maldives Videos on the blog: https://goo.gl/info/pk2rqh

And finally, if you want to be first to know about my new hold-it-in-your-hands-book about the FIVE ELEMENTS when it comes out, sign up here: http://eepurl.com/cmkCRf


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