Today is the start of the Chinese New Year – the perfect time to renew your resolve for those resolutions that you made on January 1st, which are already slipping… or a great time to remind yourself of the themes you wanted 2013 to have. My themes for the new year were LOVE, goodness, gratitude and MAGIC! These are things I have come to realise are part of the TRUE essence of me – through three months of fabulous work with the gorgeous Connie, in her 90 Day Transformation Group. These themes are hugely important to me and the way in which I intend to live my life – read on to see why getting clear on your truth really is the ONLY way to go in 2013, and the Water Snake will help you do just that!

I wrote this time last year about the Water Dragon and its focus on engagements, weddings, family, good honest people, and cultivating smart, healthy children – and boy, was last year a bumper year for patient pregnancies and new arrivals! Plus many beautiful friends getting engaged, and set for wonderful weddings this year! Amazing! So what does this new energetic year have in store for us?

2013 Snake


The Snake is indeed more subtle than the shiny, sparkly, colourful Dragon of last year, but it can still have a BIG impact. It is a great time for starting again, or starting over – beginning a new life! You can’t get much bigger than that! It can be like hitting the “reset button”, so if like me, last year was more challenging than championing for you, this is THE time when we can change our fortunes – be it in health, wealth, career or romance! It is the ultimate shedding of the Snake’s skin. We can let go of things we no longer need, the energy is TRANSFORMATIONAL, we can emerge anew, a different version of ourselves!

Snakes sense everything, they pick up the tiniest changes in their surrounding environment on the tips of their tongues; in the context of 2013, the snake energy is about seeking out TRUTH, having new ideas, listening to your INTUITION, making time for REFLECTION, introspection and deep thinking. Combined with the Water energy, where feelings and emotions are just as important as knowledge, it is a great time to really uncover what it is YOU are here to do – what do you LOVE to do? What ideas have you been carrying round, but not actioning? What is your GUT telling you? What job or lifestyle would suit you and your energy better? Are you getting what you NEED from your relationship? Are there things that need CHANGING? What old patterns or behaviours do you need to LET GO of?This is the year you can get REALLY CLEAR on this, and take those first steps along your true path! First stop, transformation town!


2009-02-15 Follow Your Heart Sign


And as with last year, we can once again see the qualities of Water coming to the fore – wisdom and seeking knowledge. This year will be another one in which to focus on intellectual pursuits, so if you have been thinking of signing up for that course, or heading back to study, GO FOR IT, the universal energies are in your favour! But just make sure you pay attention to the DETAILS, this is key for the Snake – if you don’t, you may well end up on the wrong end of the forked tongue!

According to the Water Snake, it is also a perfect year for travel, networking, branching out, making new friendships and relationships – good job I’m off to Australia in a few weeks to do EXACTLY that then, isn’t it?! (blog post coming on that subject shortly!) It may be a HUGE challenge for me, but I am EMBRACING one of the mantras of the Water Snake – “do not let your fears stop you from reaching your full potential” – MY GOODNESS, what a Water Element sentiment! Fear, drive, fulfilling potential / destiny… kinda all ties in nicely doesn’t it, me being a Water CF!

Happy Chinese New Year to you and yours – may it be a POSITIVE year for you!


© Rhiannon Griffiths 2013

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4 Comments on Welcoming in the Water Snake

  1. LOVE this article! I feel it is so true and I can totally relate to many of the aspects that this element represents on my own personal level. I am so excited for you for traveling to Australia. I plan on going there sometime in my future travels too. Love you dear!

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