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Feeling Into The Space


This time last month I returned from a week in sunny, hot Malta, having celebrated one of my closest friend’s fabulously continental wedding. It was wonderful & such a joy to be a part of!

On my first day back in my Thame clinic after the break, I opened the treatment room door to a space of white gorgeousness. The ladies who now collectively own The White House in Thame, had completely transformed the clinic whilst I was away! It was breathtaking. I loved it immediately.

But as soon as I started to set up, with my trolley & my acupuncture needles, I realised that everything FELT different. It felt as though it was my first day at a brand new clinic, not the same therapy room I’d been working in for the last four years!

It struck me that the space had changed, so the energy had changed. The FLOW of energy had changed. How I moved in the room had changed.

Physically, the treatment couch had moved, the chair for patient chat had moved, the back of the room was blocked off & contained the desk that had once been in the main part of the therapy space. Everything felt clearer & lighter, calmer & whiter, but I also felt clumsy, uncomfortable, unfamiliar. The processes that had become second nature over time were now redundant, they no longer worked.

So I just STOPPED. I took time to FEEL into the space. I adjusted how I moved in the space. I moved my trolley to the other side of the room. Immediately the “dance” of my treatments felt better. The FLOW from my trolley to the treatment couch felt more familiar again. The ENERGY was smoother, easier. I also acknowledged it would take time to really get used to the new space.

A month on, I can barely remember what the room looked like before, or how I set things up. I am used to the new flow of things, & the room certainly now has the wow factor as a therapy clinic.


Things I learnt:

+ you can’t THINK yourself into a new space.

+ Strategising & over thinking doesn’t work, you have to FEEL into it.

+ Change feels uncomfortable for me, but “change” soon becomes the “norm” again.

+ Things aren’t set in stone, flexibility to adapt cab bring something even better.

+ Things don’t always have to be the “way I want it”, to work or to have benefits for me.


So what do you need to FEEL into this week?

+ A relationship with another person? Has it changed? Is it new? Is it evolving?

+ A change in you? A new part of you that you’re just discovering? An old part of you that you haven’t connected with in a long time? Perhaps you just don’t feel like yourself?

+ An emotion, body issue or pain? What might it be trying to tell you? What is the dominant emotion? If the pain was an emotion what emotion would it be? Is the flow of energy stuck?

+ A work situation? An office move? A new member in your team? Is the ENERGY now different? Are you having to FEEL your way into the new situation?


See how it feels in your BODY, & where you feel it. Trust your gut & your intuition. Make changes or adjustments as you FEEL into it, don’t think it or jump to action, FEEL it.

Embrace flexibility & balance – allow the energy to flow, allow it to find the new space, the new situation. And if you need support or guidance with energy flow, ask me about acupuncture or coaching.  Perhaps you’re already on the path to transformation & you notice you feel different? You might want someone to walk alongside you. Do you need to now FEEL into the TRUEST version of you?


© Rhiannon Griffiths 2013

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