Self Love Day


For me, Valentine’s Day has always been about checking in with myself, ensuring I am maintaing a positive, healthy, compassionate relationship with myself. This includes cutting myself some slack, not being so perfectionist, embracing my “weirdness”, being proud of my sensitivity, celebrating my MAGIC, and making time for self-care.

This hasn’t always been the case, as a teenager I didn’t like myself at ALL. I struggled with being different, and couldn’t understand why I felt things so deeply and so acutely, then when Valentine’s Day came around it just accentuated the absence of a special someone, and the obligatory chocolates, flowers and cupid’s vomit of heart-shaped everything pretty much everywhere. Now that last sentence makes it sounds as though I hate Valentine’s Day, and I REALLY don’t, it’s just I KNOW love has to start with the SELF, bucket-loads of it, and that’s what the day should be about.


valentines Day 2013


So with this in mind, you can imagine my excitement and glee when I was emailed by the gorgeous Michelle from Sacred Self to say that I had won her latest giveaway, and that my prize was an eBook from Julie Parker over at Beautiful You! The timing could not have been better! Today has been the perfect day to sit down with a cup of Pukka LOVE tea (my favourite, and yearly Valentine’s gift to myself!) and read through the inspiring, uplifting and affirming quotations.


Self Love Quotes ebook pic


My goodness, so so beautiful!! It is a veritable feast of self-love, and the stunning illustrations that accompany each page, just highlight the amazing gorgeousness of it all! You cannot help but take in the compliments that are sent straight in to your heart as you scroll down each page… it’s good for today, but it would be GREAT for ANY day of the year – love is not just for Valentine’s, it’s for life! (Even better, at the moment, Julie has a “pay what you want” offer on the eBook over at her site!)…

We ARE beautiful, we ARE worthy, we ARE good enough, we ARE loveable, we ARE pretty damn amazing, incredible and gorgeous creatures – each and every one of us, remember THAT on Valentine’s Day and you won’t go far wrong!

Sending YOU tons of goodness and LOVE

R xx


© Rhiannon Griffiths 2013

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