Acupuncture Awareness Week


The FIRST EVER acupuncture awareness week in the UK, as organised by the British Acupuncture Council, is about to hit a clinic near you! It launches on Monday 27th February, finishing on Sunday 4th March. This year’s theme is around dispelling the many myths that still surround acupuncture.

The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) commissioned research into exactly what the wider public think or know about acupuncture, and they found some interesting results – we acupuncturists couldn’t believe some of the things people still think about  our beloved therapy!

For example, the research revealed that over 21% of the British public think an acupuncturist’s needle is as large as that used in an injection, with even more (26%) thinking it is the same size as a sewing needle! Wowzers, no wonder people don’t want to come for acupuncture if that is what they think!!

The majority (38%) did not know what size of needles acupuncturists used, but the same percentage were put off having acupuncture because they are scared of needles. I can understand this, as I was a needle phobic before having acupuncture – and to some extent I still am scared of medial hypodermic needles, which doctors and nurses find incredibly amusing, given my profession… but they are just SO different, that they may both be called needles, but I actually LOOK FORWARD to having acupuncture, and have it regularly… yet there is still something about injections that makes me nervous.

Acupuncture needles are not only far thinner, they come down to a point as opposed to a cutting edge, feeling vastly different on insertion. Acupuncture needles are in fact the same width as a human hair and some are just 0.13mm in width – proving that size does indeed matter!

In order to set the record straight on needle size, and a whole host of other misconceptions, I am:

* Talking on BBC Radio Oxford on Monday 27th February, listen from 1pm

* Hosting 15 minute consultations & tongue diagnosis, on Tues 28th Feb, in Thame

* Presenting “Busting the Myths Around Acupuncture” webinar, Thurs 1st March, 8pm

You can register online for both the consultations, and the webinar, by clicking through to the website. The event details will then be forwarded directly to your email inbox – super simple & straight forward!

If you can’t make the face-to-face appointments to ask your questions about whether acupuncture could help you, ensure you attend the live 8pm online presentation as there will be a facility to type your questions to me in real time! Plus, you get all the info from the comfort of your own home, whilst in your PJs or having a cuppa!

I’m also putting together a video for the Awareness Week, so be sure to check back next week to watch! So get involved this Acupuncture Awareness Week, ask questions, get the lowdown, see how acupuncture could help you towards better holistic health – or if someone you know could benefit, then please do spread the word! Thanking you, I am super grateful 🙂


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