I had been wanting to write this post ever since I got back from Australia, in fact, I had started to write it several times whilst I was Down Under, but for some reason I just never finished it or hit that “publish” button. It was only when I read that the May edition of empowering female Aussie magazine “Wild Sister” was about SISTERHOOD, did I understand why the universe hadn’t wanted me to publish the post on this blog – it wanted me to share my powerful story with ALL the wild sisters out there!


Wild Sister Sisterhood


So, I am super thrilled that the fabulous Jen Saunders and her beautiful team of gorgeous souls felt my story had the right fit for this latest edition of the magazine. It expands upon WHY I went to Australia, it is my LOVE letter to all the ladies I met in Connie Chapman’s 90 Day Transformation Project, HOW I summoned up the COURAGE to travel to the other side of the world, despite having a phobia of flying, and it links seamlessly into the notion behind my “Awesome Aussies” vlog series!

You can read my article by getting a copy of this incredible magazine online – I am on page 35, but it also has a few more of my favourite people – Vienda Maria and Tara Bliss – plus articles about self love, walking your path, healthy living tips and affirmations.

Sisterhood Edition of Wild Sister

It is five Australian dollars or roughly £3 – which is about the same as a negative, trashy gossip mag – this wondrous creation (an online pdf) has none of the crappy adverts, no comparing yourself to photo-shopped models, no criticism of people’s outfits, body shape or choice of haircut and the like, just a fabulous array of 50+ pages of inspiration, positivity and abundance! And it includes videos of yoga poses and meditations – you don’t get those in a paper magazine!

Click here to grab a copy online & read my article – it is only available to the public until the end of May! I would absolutely LOVE to hear what you think! Never forget, “you are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”, A.A.Milne.


© Rhiannon Griffiths 2013

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3 Comments on How I Overcame My Fear of Flying with 7 Flights in One Month

  1. I would love to read this, impossible to buy the magazine as I am in the UK. Any chance of it being published online at some point, Rhiannon? ; ) xx

  2. I am adding this comment, as I didn’t tick the ‘notify by email’ button and might not remember to come back and check, plus this is the email address I use the most : )

    • Hi Ana – the link on the blog takes you to the online version of the magazine to download to your computer! Just click through to get a copy! Really hope you enjoy it – would be so interested in hearing your thoughts! Sending goodness x

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