Today I was visited by this little fellow – the third tortoiseshell butterfly to grace this space in the last month. I originally wrote this post when the first little chap unexpectedly arrived, the second one arrived to nudge me in to writing it up, and now the third is REALLY shouting their message of transformation at me! He even settled on to my laptop!


The first one was a gorgeous surprise, not only because it was fully autumn, and now pretty much Winter, here in the UK, but also because he appeared indoors, in my bedroom. It was as though he appeared by magic, in all his grace, ease & beauty.

Yet I was struck that it was very likely that the part I didn’t see, the part before the unveiling of the amazing, intricate wings, was anything but easy, graceful or beautiful. The caterpillar creating the chrysalis, the feeling of something ending, letting go, trusting the process, the dying off of the old, to allow the transformation into the new.

Timing is everything & not only did my first graceful visitor come during a time when I was working behind the scenes on my new website & it felt like pulling teeth, whilst I was pulling my hair out, but he also came to remind me that Autumn is the season of the Metal Element, which has letting go, dying off to make way for the new, connecting with beauty & grace in transformation, at its very heart.


Any big change, any big growing, any step along the road to transformation can be challenging, it can feel uncomfortable, it can feel hard. It’s when we are nearest to the biggest & best changes, those which are going to have the biggest impacts on our lives, the bit beforehand feels like the hardest part. Sometimes, like  the hardest part we have ever endured.

From the perspective of the butterfly I gained space, room to breathe. He awakened in me a knowledge that even the hardest struggle is worth it. It is worth it for the breathtaking transformation & beauty that comes after it. Transformation isn’t always easy, but my goodness it is magnificent.


So, for me, I need to let go & trust that the launch of my new website & everything after it will bring beauty, ease & grace, even though I’m struggling to trust it right now & things feel overwhelming. The autumn needs to come & the leaves need to fall off the trees in order for the new buds & blossom to appear in the Spring.

What do you need to think like the butterfly about? Are you going through a website or branding transformation? Are you considering retraining or looking for a new job? Is there something in your life that has a lack of ease at the moment? Are you growing & need some support in your chrysalis time? Could you benefit from acupuncture or coaching as you go through your transformation? Let me know in the comments below!


© Rhiannon Griffiths 2013

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