Rhiannon Griffiths is an integrated TCM + Five Element acupuncturist, bringing holistic health to Buckinghamshire + Oxfordshire since 2009. Having been based in Thame + Princes Risborough for over a decade, she is now practising acupuncture in Haddenham on Tuesdays, and  has a new practice location in Daventry on Fridays, serving patients on the Oxfordshire / Northamptonshire border + Banbury area. Additionally, she has online clinics supporting women energetically + emotionally all over the world, with her remote 1-1 online acupuncture  sessions via zoom…

She is also a CTI qualified Co-Active coach, yin yoga teacher + host of the gently transformative Sacred Rest® Retreats…. as well as being the creator of the “Powerfully Gentle” podcast + the “Queen of the Five Elements Oracle” card deck…

She has been part of BBC Radio Oxford’s health team + features as a health expert for newspapers such as The Guardian, The Daily Mirror + The Daily Mail. She has also featured in many national magazines including Red, Women’s Fitness, Zest, OK Magazine, Reveal, Woman, Natural Health Magazine, BodyFit, Woman’s Health & Top Sante…

Rhiannon Griffiths acupuncture Thame Princes Risborough



That’s the formal introduction… but who am I? I’m Rhiannon. I am a traditional acupuncturist, practising from a base of Chinese Medicine wisdom, using ultra-thin needles (the width of a human hair!) to affect Qi or energy within channels that run from the top of the head to the tips of the toes. I am incredibly passionate about this highly effective ancient medicine, particularly the Five Elements – it is ancient wisdom applicable to modern life. You can read more about acupuncture & what to expect from a treatment HERE, plus more about me HERE.


I am also a Co-Active coach – it is a style of coaching that relies heavily on the partnership between coach & client. It emphasizes the importance of the combination of the coach’s energy & the client’s energy, coming together to create something altogether more powerful. This synergy within the coaching relationship is what evokes true transformation for YOU as the client.



+ You work hard & are good at what you do, but it can take its toll – you want support for optimum health

+ Stress is ruling your world – you want to feel calmer, more at ease, & balanced, in body & mind

+ You can feel stressed, overwhelmed or out of control – you want someone to be with you in that space

+ You haven’t felt quite right – physically or emotionally – or “like yourself”, for a while

+ You feel stuck in your life – you want to get your sparkle back & feel happier in yourself

+ You want to feel understood & supported – so you can be your most successful self

+ You are tired of feeling exhausted, unwell or in pain – you want more energy, vitality & joie de vivre



+ Acupuncture – for an energy & immunity boost, pain-relief, balance, wellbeing, emotional stability

+ Coaching – to explore what it means to be YOU, bringing change, balance, insight, transformation

+ Workshops – making ancient Chinese Medicine wisdom & goodness applicable to your modern life

+ Blogging – on acupuncture, personal growth & holistic health; inspiration, recipes & wellness tips



+ You want something that treats you as YOU – a totally bespoke, individual, unique approach

+ You want lasting change on a deep level – physically, emotionally, energetically, spiritually

+ You are seeking a space to just BE – a calm, quiet & gentle space, with in-depth chats

+ You don’t want a “sticking plaster” solution, you want to address the root cause reason

+ You are committed to your continued level of health, balance & wellness long term

+ You want someone to be 100% present with you, supporting & championing you


Find out even more about me HERE.



“I’m thankful for my acupuncture treatments with Rhiannon, it keeps my immune system strong, my body supple & injuries at bay. She has a warm & caring approach, which makes you totally relaxed.”

Camilla Dallerup – Professional Dancer, Winner of “Strictly Come Dancing” 2008, Actress, Presenter, Coach & Motivational Speaker




“She always focused on me as the most important person. At the first [acupuncture] treatment I felt immediate benefits. My energy levels improved significantly and this gave me confidence to continue treatment…”

“After the [coaching] session I felt a lot more positive, I feel I absolutely have the strength inside me to deal with my problems…”

“Within 30 minutes of [acupuncture] treatment, I felt rejuvenated and felt like myself again…”

“I had a short course of acupuncture with Rhiannon, which gave me complete relief from pain. I no longer need to use the Tens machine…”

To read more, click through to the TESTIMONIALS page, and see if you could also be one of the many people that are helped by acupuncture therapy or co-active coaching.

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